• Making time off easier, one click at a time

    Supports standard browsers such as IE and Fire Fox.
    No additional software required as eTimeOff™ is 100% web based.
    Allows for multiple time off approvers when the employees hiring manager is out.
    Ability to set up multiple holiday systems for employees who may work in different departments or locations.
  • Making time off easier, one click at a time

    Identify trends with our robust reporting system.
    Reporting system that provides management with tallies of time off taken for each employee.
    Visualize your department's time off with eTimeOff charts and graphs.
    Print or Export reports in PDF and RTF format.

Manage Employee Attendance is a web application that allows your organization to manage your employees' attendance in one, easy to use, cost-effective application. The application permits your company to standardize, automate and reduce the number of errors during the time off request/approval process. It also includes a robust reporting system that allows you to provide upper management with key information about your employees' sick time, late arrivals and other scheduled and unscheduled absences. Best of all, eTimeOff™ is free while in beta! So sign up Now..

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Key Features

View time off at a glance etimeoff calendar With eTimeOff's unique calendar view, managers and employees can view their colleagues time off. The color coded calendar allows users to quickly identify holidays and both pending and approved time off requests. In addition, users can easily spot potential conflicts with time off requests, before submitting the request to their manager.

Identify trends in absenteeism etimeoff Reporting eTimeOff's reporting system allows you to identify trends in your employees' unscheduled absences by providing you with reports that quantify and categorize time off department wide or down to individual employees. With easy access to this information, management can quickly and effectively implement corrective action.

Maintain a permanent record of your employees' attendance etimeoff Reporting Are you tired of keeping track of your employees' time off in a Excel spreadsheet or worse, on pieces of paper that you ultimately end up losing? eTimeOff is a cloud based solution, so all requests are stored in the eTimeOff application providing you with a permanent record of every request made by your employees.

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